Human Growth and Development (Theory)

Theories are something that is important when working with clients because it is important to know why you are taking the approach you are when working with clients. The view that I take, however, is not one theory works with every client. As many things with counseling there is no one size fits all approach, every client is different and therefore should be treated differently. To stereotype that all clients should be addressed and helped in one way would not be something that would be beneficial in the clients counseling experiences. When dealing with theories it is important to take a step back and figure out what lens I would be using as a counselor to see what the best approach to take is.

Theories are helpful when working with clients because they give you ideas of where you are and where you can go. When you take in the steps of a theory into consideration when working with a client it gives you an approach to take and help direct the counseling experiences. Theories are important because they help to show the individual awareness the counselor has for themselves. It is always important to be self aware when in the counseling profession because everything that makes up who you are affects the way that you counsel and your biases.

The question of whether theories are truly used in the counseling profession has arising and something that I have been contemplating. I think that theories are something that are always used even if it’s not a conscious decision. Once you study theories it is something that stays with you. Even if a counselor doesn’t strictly think that they are using a theory, they are still drawing different techniques from the theories.

How I met this standard?

For this artifact I chose to include my genogram, and my Eco-map because as I before self awareness is something that is so important when working with clients. It is important to be aware of what makes you up and what makes you tick in order to properly work with clients and set aside your own individual biases. It is also important to remember that each person is made up of something different which is why they need to be viewed at with a different lens.

This is challenging because sometimes it is so easy to look at others on what makes them up, but when we actually take a step back to look at ourselves it becomes a lot more real to us. This is a difficult, but necessary part of professional counseling that we get to know ourselves and possibly become aware of things that we didn’t want to become aware of. It also gives the counselor the opportunity to address the issues that they need to address by becoming aware of them.

Over all I think that theories are something that are used over the counseling profession whether the counselor is completely conscious of that decision or not. I think that it is completely appropriate and necessary to change your lens when working with different clients. There is no cookie cutter mold to fit each client and that is something that needs to be taken into consideration when working in this field. Also I think it is so important for clients to be aware of what comprises them as a person, and professional because everything that makes up the person affects the way that they counsel and handle situations.

genogram notes

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